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    Links and phone numbers to moving companies are at the bottom of this page.

     Careful planning makes any change easier, and that certainly applies to moving. By following a few simple guidelines, you can greatly reduce the stresses of moving.

     For more information on your rights when moving, write the Interstate Commerce Commission and request a free pamphlet, Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move, from the ICC Office of Compliance and Consumer Assistance, Washington, D.C. 20423. 

     If moving from another state, it is likely that you will require the services of a moving company. But if you are moving to the area from a reasonable distance, you may want to personally move your belongings. Be sure, though, to include the extra time and effort when you compare costs in hours and dollars. Before you move, try to get rid of what you do not need. Do not use heavy containers to pack belongings, and use wardrobe space wisely by packing off-season garments in boxes. Consider mailing books, because the post office book rate is less than some moving companies.

    Select a moving company carefully by getting recommendations from customers and by checking prices and information to make sure you know what is involved.

     Prices and services vary considerably between moving companies. Most give free estimates based on length of move and weight of goods. Movers offer two kinds of estimates: binding and non-binding. The binding estimate describes in detail the shipment and all services to be provided. With this type of estimate, you cannot be required to pay more than the estimate. Non-binding estimates approximate cost. Movers may not charge for providing a non-binding estimate. There is no guarantee, however, that the final billing will not be more than the estimate, but it cannot be an increase of more than 10 percent. With a non-binding estimate, every service must be clearly outlined in writing. Do not sign or accept the order for service or bill of lading unless the amount estimated is entered on each form when prepared by the mover. You will have up to 30 days after delivery to pay additional charges.

     Many moving companies fall behind schedule. Search for a company that will guarantee a pick-up and delivery day, and make sure those times are in your contract. Do not agree to have your shipment picked up or delivered "as soon as possible." It is best to move at times other than the end of the month or during summer vacation periods, because moving companies are most busy then.

     Although the moving company provides liability insurance on goods by the pound, it is possible and often wise to purchase additional insurance.

     Before you allow a company to begin work, make your inventory. Do this even if the company plans to do it, and be sure to note scratches and other blemishes that will help you verify a claim of damage. If the company does its own inventory, check it carefully against your own before you sign anything.

     Remember that the moving company employs trained professionals, and there is less chance of damage if they do the packing. They can usually do it in one day. Make sure you will be at your new home when you have agreed to be there. If no one is home, your belongings will go into storage. Then the moving company will expect payment in cash before unloading.

     Tax deductions might apply to your move, so keep appropriate records and receipts.

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 A-1 All of USA Moving & Storage     713-263-1004

Di-Co Moving Inc    281-488-5814

Bay Area Movers   281-488-4020

FamCo     281-484-8190

B&S Moving    281-280-9709

A-Action Movers     281-992-6683

A-Dependable Moving     281-338-0925

Bekins Movers     713-680-2221


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